If you are an international civil servant who was formerly on the staff of organizations of the UN system (or about to become one in the next quarter), we will be happy to welcome you as an ARICSA member.  The majority of our members reside in Austria - some others have retired from Vienna-based Organizations and want to stay in touch.

Step 1: select your membership type

ARICSA membership is open to all international civil servants who were formerly on the staff of organizations of the UN system See the ARICSA Statutes and ARICSA By-Laws for details.

  • Full membership: the cost of a full membership is Euro. 18 (annual) or Euro. 220 (life). We strongly encourage you to apply for a life membership as it is extremely convenient and is also an expression of your confidence in a long, productive and enjoyable retirement.
  • Affiliate membership: retirees residing in Austria and submitting proof of a life membership in another association of UN retirees recognized by FAFICS will be accorded an affiliate membership at no additional cost.

The surviving spouse of a member can join as an annual or life member.


Step 2: complete the application form

To become a member of ARICSA, please complete the application form and send it either by email or by post to the address below: (noteIn order to complete the form on your screen, you need to have Adobe PDF Reader and Microsoft Windows installed on your computer.   If this is not the case, please print the form, complete it manually, scan it and email it to us. 

- please write all information as clearly as possible so as to prevent typographical errors in our database.
- if you transfer a membership amount to our account but do not send us your application form, we will consider your payment a donation as we will have no means of communication with you


Step 3: pay membership fee (we do not accept cash or cheques)

Membership fees should be transferred to the following account:

IBAN: AT87 1100 0083 7315 7000
(Bank Austria)


In case you have questions, please see our contact information below:

Vienna International Centre
Room C0249B
PO Box 100
A-1400 Vienna

ARICSA can arrange day passes for persons who wish to visit the ARICSA office but do not have a VIC access card. The requests can be done by telephone at 01-2600-25116 or via email to 48 hours prior to the planned visit.