Helping Others

ARICSA provides these external links as a service. ARICSA does not, and cannot, vouch for the quality of advice or service, or lack thereof, provided through any of the links listed, nor for the fact that any links, email addresses or telephone numbers no longer function. The information was accurate at the time it was published and we update it when we receive notice. The ARICSA office is appreciative of any constructive feedback it receives from its members that help it update and expand the information.

One of ARICSA's mandates is to support the UN's goals. One way we can actively support human rights and care for people displaced by war and violence is to give of our time, our funds, our goods, and perhaps even our shelter. Here are some links to groups (or to links of groups) that are active in the Syrian Crisis. You may send suggestions for other groups to the office for inclusion here.

Please note that ARICSA does not have the possibility to endorse any particular group. You still have to do your own due diligence.

  • World Vision International provides support to people affected by the Syrian crisis.
  • UNHCR, including the Austrian chapter assists refugees and asylum seekers and accepts donations.
  • Train Of Hope is a civil and fairly young group, dedicated to the sole purpose of helping refugees passing through Austria. They are located at the back of the Hauptbahnhof, and accept donations and make sure that the goods reach the refugees. With fewer refugees actually passing through Vienna, they send convoys of goods to the southern border crossings. They work in English, German, and Arabic.
  • The City of Vienna has put together a list of organizations that are collecting goods and funds to help refugees. The list is in German only. The City of Vienna also holds an annual exhibition of all the volunteers associations. The 2020 exhibition will take place on 3 and 4 October. See information on Freiwilligenmesse.
  • The Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) has created a co-operative group of organizations under the title Helfen Wie Wir where most of the large charitable NGOs and religious organizations in Austria are represented and where you can find ways to donate goods, funds, time, and living space.