ExCom 2017-2019

ExCom 2019-2021

All titles below the pictures, except that of President, who was re-elected by the AGM-2019, are those re-elected by the ExCom at its 16 January 2020 meeting.
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The ExCom consists of the following persons

Mr. Jerry Barton

Representative on:
IAEA Staff Pension Committee
Vice-President, FAFICS (since July 2021)

Mr. Gerhard Schramek
First Vice-President

Representative on:
IAEA Staff Pension Committee
and IAEA Health and
Life Insurance Committee

Ms. Elisabeth Swaton
Second Vice-President
Newsletter Editor ad interim

Ms. Manijeh Torabi

Ms. Rosemarie Orkan-Lecki
Executive Secretary

Mr. Werner Blenk
Vice-President, FAFICS (Dec.2020-Jul.2021)

Ms. Karin Burmester
Social Events Coordinator

Mr. Olaf-Michael Stefanov
Web site Administrator
Representative on: UNIDO/UNOV JAC Standing Committee on Health and Life Insurance

non ExCom members
representing ARICSA:

Ms. Marie-Odile Dorer
Representative on:
UNIDO Staff Pension Committee

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Representation on Staff Pension Committees

According to new rules approved by the Pension Board in 2017, 2 representatives of retirees are foreseen as members of local Staff Pension Committees (SPCs); prior to this ARICSA had one representative on each SPC. With reference to the Fund’s letter of 6 October 2017, ARICSA has contacted the Secretaries of the IAEA and UNIDO SPCs to inform them that ARICSA has nominated as its SPC representatives the following persons:

  • Ms. Marie-Odile Dorer, the present ARICSA representatives on the UNIDO SPC, and
  • Mr. Gerhard Schramek, the present representative, is joined by
  • Mr. Jerry Barton, current ARICSA President, as ARICSA representatives on the IAEA SPC.

UNOV retirees are represented by New York colleagues on the Headquarters SPC.

Representation on JAC Health and Life Insurance Committees

  • Mr. Schramek will continue to represent ARICSA in IAEA's JAC Subcommittee on Health and Life Insurance;
  • Mr. Stefanov will represent ARICSA in the UNIDO/UNOV JAC Standing Committee on Health and Life Insurance.

UNOV retirees are insured in a joint UNIDO-UNOV Health Insurance plan. As such, Mr. Stefanov will also represent ARICSA members who are UNOV retirees just as he will represent ARICSA members who retired from UNIDO.


In its day-to-day activities ARICSA is supported by:

Ms. Veronique Whalen
Office Administrator

Mr. Martin Reading
Newsletter Editor

Ms. Elisabeth Swaton
Newsletter Editor ad interim

also Second Vice-President (see above)

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